Steel Structure Farm Machinery And Equipment Storage Shed

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Steel Structure Farm Machinery and Equipment Storage Shed 

Steel structure farm machinery and equipment storage shed is a kind of building more and more popular now as its good price, great quality and easy installation. Qingdao Kxd Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is your best choice, which specializes in designing and manufacturing steel structure farm storage shed.


The prefabricated steel structure farm machinery and equipment storage shed:

1. Built in 2012;

2. Size: 1500 sqm;

3. Construction period: 25 days

Technical character of steel structure farm machinery and equipment storage shed:

To store the machinery and equipment in the storage shed,it is necessary to have sufficient space inside the building.Hence our engineers consider this into the design parameters.There is no middle columns inside the shed while at the same time,our engineer increase the specs and measurements of the I section steel to withstand the load.

Another feature is its single slope outlook,the inclination is 5% to the realization of water drainage.

Portals and windows:Aluminum windows and electrical driven shutter door.

Color of wall and roof panel:RAL series


Loading the goods into the container:


KXD’s sophisticated workers on erection site: