Australian Steel Structure Shed

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Product Details

This is a Australian steel structure shed that be used for tools storage. Most of Australian like this light steel frame, because it is cheap, light and fast installation. you can use the steel structure shed as storage, garage, tools house and other function that you need.

“it will save labour to build this whole steel structure shed building due to the expensive labour in Australia, so I order the steel structure shed from China, and I am not worry about the installation work, Kxd provide the details installation drawing for my steel structure shed building, only find several worker in my country, we can finish the steel structure shed easily by ourself.” said from Peter Hinds.

If in light wind area, it can use square tube for the the main frame of the steel structure shed building ; and if in heavy wind area, we will design with large section H steel. so it is important that you provide us the local parameter before we design a steel structure shed building.


For this steel structure shed project, Mr. Peter send the details requirements and our engineer quote it directly. the requirement for your reference.

✓ 10m long x 14m wide x 4m high stud, gable roof building

✓ portal frame

✓ Roof pitched at 15 degrees

✓ 4 x Translucent roofing sheets

✓ Flame spec heavy weight building paper and mesh under roofing iron to counter condensation.

✓ Colorsteel door and roof flashings

✓ box spouting and downpipe to ground level

✓ 1 x 3m high x 4.8m wide sectional door

✓ 1 x Powder coated aluminum personal access door

✓ 4 x .700m high x I.Sm wide Powder coated aluminum window

✓ flashings

✓ Engineering for high wind 120kph