Brick Wall Steel Structure Warehouse

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Product Details

The portal frame brick wall warehouse building design with 1.2m brick wall, it will protect the steel sheet flashing.

main function of the 1.2m brick wall:

I. beautiful

II. practical

III. dampproof

IV. anti mouse

If you like the steel structure workshop with brick wall, the brick wall will design with 1.2m or 1.5m for warehouse and workshop, if not, the wall can be corrugated steel sheet or concrete. as you see different people have different tastes, it is better tell us which one would you prefer in advance. our engineer will design without brick wall for a workshop and warehouse in general.



1. Cost savings: be inexpensive to manufacture, requires less maintenance than other traditional building methods. Moreover, 98% of all steel structure can be recycled into new steel products without reducing physical properties.

2. Quick erection: steel structures can be erected quickly. The accuracy of steel components speeds up the process and allows monitoring on the management software to complete sooner.

3. Health and safety: Structural Steel is manufactured at the factory and rapid erection on the construction site by skilled personnel making steel structure safe. Industry surveys consistently demonstrate that steel structure is the safest solution. There is very little noise and dust in the process of steel structure erection because structural steel members are fabricated at the factory.

1. Low cost and short construction period.
2. Easy to assemble and disassemble with simple and common tools.
3. High Durability and Easy to maintain. Could be used for over 50 years.
4. Light weight, convenient for shipment and transportation.
5. Good waterproof performance without extra facilities.
6. Good fireproof performance with rock wool sandwich panel.
7. Good performance of heat-insulation.
8. Beautiful appearance, various colors and shapes for outer and inner roof panel and wall panel.
9. Various designs available, customized designs acceptable.
Application field
Warehouse, Workshop, Plant, Farm, Carport, Metal shed, Hotel, House, Kiosk, Booth, Office, Sentry Box, Guard House, Shop, Toilet, Showroom, Villa, Logistic Building , Sports Building  and so on.

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