Steel Structure Duck Shed

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Steel structure duck shed

Steel structure duck shed, which is also called duck shed. This style of poultry house are widely used for keeping warm and save energy, low-cost. Steel frame going through galvanized and preservative treatment, resist ammonia gas. Poultry house inner equipment water line and food line, fan. Wet curtain. Better maintenance ducks.

galvanized Light steel structure

1) Easy to assemble and disassemble for several times without damage.

2) The steel structure adopts hot-DIP galvanized steel

3) Taking 60m*12m for example, this size chicken farm house is for 10, 0000 broiler per flock, which takes 30-45 days or 6-7 flocks per year normally

4) Shipping in 20-30 days from Order

5)Fast construction and easy to install

6)Long term service life: more than 50 years.

It improve the utilization of ducks  cage ,generally use the whole ladder metal cage feeding methods, can save the venues, while using cage, the full use of duck space, according to the building area, by the flat density An average of 7 feathers / m2 (shed shed density 5.5 feather / m2) increased to cage density of 10 to 11 feathers / m2, duck house utilization increased by 50% to 100%.