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1. Site conditions for steel storage: the steel can be stored in the open air or in a warehouse with a roof. When stacking in the open air, the site should be flat, and should be higher than the surrounding ground, with drainage ditches around; when stacking, the back of the steel section should be upward or outward as far as possible to avoid snow and water accumulation, and there should be a height difference between the two ends to facilitate drainage, It can be directly stacked on the floor and padded with corrugated wood. 2. Steel stacking requires that the deformation and corrosion of steel should be reduced as much as possible; when stacking steel, the corrugated wood should be placed every 5 ~ 6 layers, and the spacing should not cause obvious bending deformation of steel. The corrugated wood should be aligned up and down in the same vertical plane. It is considered that there is a certain width channel between the material stacking for transportation. 3. The main contents of steel inspection are as follows: the quantity and variety of steel are consistent with the order contract; the quality guarantee certificate of steel is consistent with the mark printed on the steel; the specification and size of steel are checked; the surface quality inspection of steel is carried out.

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