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Due to the high-altitude operation of steel structure buildings, the operators are faced with a variety of great risks when walking or operating on the steel structure beams or beams. Personal falling is the biggest risk and the consequences are the most serious. In order to ensure the personal safety of high-altitude workers, a series of steel wire mesh lines are temporarily installed on the high-altitude working surface of steel structure buildings in the construction process. The temporary installation of steel wire ropes is called “lifeline”. When the operator works at high altitude, the safety rope that he wears is buckled on the life line. In case of the operator falling, his body can still be suspended on the life line, so as not to fall to the ground and cause safety accidents.

Now that we know what lifeline is, lifeline must have the following characteristics:

1. It is safe and reliable, and sufficient strength and stability must be ensured, so as to withstand the impact of personal falling on lifeline.

2. It is convenient and feasible. The completed lifeline must not affect each operation process of the project, and the operators can use it conveniently in the operation process.

3. It is not suitable to demolish the project and the lifeline, so as not to affect the construction schedule and installation cost.

Lifeline in steel structure

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