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The main points in the structural design of steel structure workshop are as follows:

(1) Fire protection design. In the design of steel structure workshop, steel structure is easy to be affected by temperature change and has poor fire resistance compared with concrete structure. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the fire insulation design of steel structure.

(2) Anti corrosion design. For a long time, steel structure will be affected by atmospheric environment, and thus be affected by corrosion and oxidation in different degrees. When the environmental humidity of steel structure workshop is relatively high, it will accelerate its oxidation reaction, which leads to more obvious corrosion of steel structure. After corrosion of steel structure, the section of the member will be smaller and the rust will appear in different degrees in the local area, which results in the stress concentration in the main stress position of the steel structure, which has a great influence on the application performance of the structure.

(3) Seismic design. In the structural design of steel structure workshop, seismic design is very important. If the building area is in the earthquake prone zone, it is necessary to do well in earthquake prevention design, improve the seismic resistance of the plant and ensure the safety of the plant structure. In the design process, the steel structure should be arranged reasonably to improve the transmission performance of the structure, so as to improve the seismic performance of the structure.

(4) Load design and steel structure workshop process design. It is very important to design the load well in the process of steel structure design of steel structure workshop. The reinforced load design can provide favorable conditions for the subsequent steel structure design, and then improve the stability of the steel structure design.

(5) Pay attention to the calculation of steel structure. When the structural design software is used for calculation, the calculation results can provide the corresponding parameters for the design activities. When selecting the corresponding load value, the natural conditions of the plant construction area should be analyzed to supplement the load capacity of steel structure. In the process of the overall design of the components, we should realize the influence of the structural parameters such as the net section on the members. In the process of node design, we should choose reasonable connection mode according to the factors of structure and environment, which requires the designer to make reasonable judgment on the connection position of the component.

In a word, the continuous development of the technological era, the corresponding improvement of the construction level. High level steel structure workshop promotes the stable development of production to some extent, and also improves people’s living standard. In recent years, a lot of new technologies have been developed for the design of steel structure workshop, and the new materials studied successfully have increased the application efficiency accordingly. At the same time, the structure itself shows the absolute advantage, which is applied to the summary of steel structure plant design building, which shows strong flexibility and ensures the smooth implementation of the construction.

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