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Aluminum magnesium manganese plate is a kind of roof and exterior wall material with high cost performance. Aluminum alloy is widely used in the construction industry, which plays an important role in the development of modern architecture in the direction of comfort, light, durability, economy and environmental protection. Aa3004 aluminum magnesium manganese alloy is widely recognized as roof and exterior wall materials with service life of more than 50 years due to its moderate structural strength, weather resistance, stain resistance and easy bending and welding processing. According to the marine climate architectural design, 5052 marine grade aluminum alloy material with stronger corrosion resistance can be selected.


1. The density of aluminum is 2.73g/cm3, only 1 / 3 of that of steel.

2. High strength; high strength can be achieved by composition configuration, processing and heat treatment.

3. Corrosion resistance; it has the ability of self rust prevention, and the formed oxide layer can prevent metal oxidation and corrosion, and has good acid and alkali resistance.

4. Various and beautiful surface treatment. It can be used for anodizing, electrophoresis, chemical treatment, polishing and painting.

5. Good plasticity and easy processing;

6. Good conductivity. Non magnetization and low spark sensitivity can prevent electromagnetic interference and reduce flammability in special environment.

7. Easy installation; aluminum metal can be riveted, welded, glued, etc.

8. Environmental protection, 100% recyclable.

Aluminum magnesium manganese plate