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The shelf life of fire retardant coating for steel structure usually refers to the storage period during which the coating product can be applied normally under normal storage conditions and the normal performance of the coating film can be ensured after construction. Generally speaking, the shelf life of most fire retardant coating products for steel structure is 12 months in the instruction manual, The shelf life of coatings which are easy to precipitate and have slow chemical reaction in the storage process is generally stipulated to be 6 months. The manufacturers can refer to this standard for most of the fire retardant coatings for steel structures. However, the storage time of some coating products is shortened due to the physical and chemical changes in the interior of some coating products within a period of time after production, For example, after the liquid components of most inorganic zinc silicate coatings are produced, the internal hydrolysis reaction still takes place slowly. The storage period at room temperature is generally 6 months, but this reaction may be accelerated under high temperature and high humidity conditions, After less than six months, it may affect the quality of fire retardant coating for steel structure.

Of course, it is not that the coating can not be used after the shelf life. Some coating products can be used normally in a longer period of time under the condition of intact packaging. However, whether the coating can be used normally after the trial period needs professional judgment.

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