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It is composed of hopper, conveying pipe, auger, material tray, suspension lifting device, motor and material level sensor. Its main function is to convey the material in the hopper to each tray to ensure the broiler’s food, and the material level sensor can automatically control the opening and closing of the motor to achieve the purpose of automatic feeding.

The main characteristics of broiler feed plate:

1. The material door switch can adjust the discharge volume, and the adjustment mode is convenient, fast and accurate;

2. The V-shaped corrugated plate bottom can reduce the amount of food stored at the bottom of the plate, which is convenient for chickens to eat fresh food;

3. The edge of the feeding plate inclines to the center of the plate, so as to avoid feed spilling out and causing waste;

4. Smooth and introverted outer edge, prevent injury of crop and feed safely and comfortably.

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